Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Blessing for My Daughter Franine

We thank You, O God, for the joyous fulfillment we feel as our daughter reaches the threshold of adulthood. How privileged we feel that she is our daughter, and that she is bound to us by bonds of love, of memory, and of hope!

Nina, I want to bless you with God’s richest blessings for a life of adventure, flourishing and celebration.

I pray that you will sense the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you walk with Him, and allow Him to show you who you are and the blessings God has prepared for you in Christ Jesus, as He promised in Psalm 89:15: “Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim you, who walk in the light of your presence, O LORD.”

God has given you many qualities of a special young lady. You have a big compassionate heart, you are conscientious and your creative spirit permeates everything about you.

Your family has enjoyed your sense of humor, your energetic, caring and adventurous spirit. As you grow and develop into the beautiful young woman that you will become, I pray that you will continue to sense the guiding hand of your God and that you will draw from the wealth of gifts and resources that you have in your Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that you will discover ways to bless others with the special talents and gifts that God has endowed you.

May your caring nature and love bless all those whose lives you touch, may your diligence be rewarded many times over and may your creativity expand the imaginations of all those lives you impact.

I pray that this new life will be a life of tremendous blessing and that you will be constantly be aware of how special you are in the eyes of Your Father God.

O God, accept our thankfulness for the eighteen years that have come and gone; bless our hope for the years that are yet to be.

May Your mercy and guidance accompany Nina at all times, in a life marked by reverence for You, Your word and a love for all Your children.

- From Dad,

November 2009

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Anonymous said...

Dit is so mooi Danie, ek hoop jy het dit vir haar gelees.